ROMEG M 20 G - Blade angle measuring per laser

Efficient operation of wind turbines or wind farms requires a long service life of the individual wind turbines. The trend is towards larger and more powerful wind turbines. The increasing size of the new wind turbines leads to a massive load in the form of vibrations for the wind turbine and its components. Vibrations in a wind turbine have a negative impact on their function and yields.

ROMEG M 20G is a laser device for geometry measurement of wind turbine Rotors.


The ROMEG measurement is a laser-based Procedere for the verification of the dynamic and aerolastic behavior of the rotor and the whole turbine.


ROMEG can detect aerodynamically excited imbalances and indicate mass excited imbalances.


Measurements are taken with the turbine in regular Operation.

Advantages of the ROMEG Method

  • The measurement takes place at the running plant. As a result, the system behavior is measured under real conditions and the results can be evaluated realistically.
  • The results are available on site and can be used immediately to optimize the rotor.
  • By comparing the oscillation pattern before and after the correction, the success of the optimization measure can be clearly established.
  • Since the measurements are made on the current running system, there are no yield losses.

The ROMEG process was verified by the DEWI-OCC in 2014.

Illustrations of blade profiles measured with ROMEG:

Our experience with plants measured “without suspicion” shows:

  • One in two WTG has an angular difference > 0.5°
  • One in five WTG has an angular difference > 1.0°

In contrast to an imbalanced turbine, a WTG with a well-balanced rotor shows the following attributes:


  • Less tower stress
  • Less noise pollution
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better performance/higher yield
  • Higher availability
  • Longer service-life of WTG





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