Who we are

SOLARC is the specialist for innovative
low-power, self-sustaining solar off-grid
We develop and manufacture right from
customized solar modules, solar charge
controllers, DC/DC converters, GPS tracking systems, motor and light cotrol units and solar irradiance monitoring technology to complete solutions.

We are specialised in cutting of all types of crystalline solar cells, precisely according to your requirements.


In addition, we offer in our premises various testing and consulting services, such as climate test chamber photoluminescence and electroluminescence tests.


We are the right address for those companies seeking for a reliable and experienced as well as innovative partner to develop, produce a solar power supply to their product or even a complete new solution using solar energy as power source.

What we do

  • Customized solar modules in various types and sizes (crystalline, thin film, outdoor and indoor, various shapes, glass or ETFE laminated) and for BIPV/EIPV applications (shutters, parking meters, sensors, wearable electronics etc.).
  • Electronics and energy management systems, especially designed for low-power solar off-grid systems such as solar charge controllers or DC/DC converters.
  • Measurement instrumentation and solar measuring devices (Reference cell, ROMEG M 20 G).
  • Complete new development of low-power solar products (GPS Tracking systems, motor and light control units).
  • Additional services such as climate chamber tests (HF, TC, DH), electroluminescence tests and other technical assessments of solar products.
  • Integration of solar components into existing customer products.