SOLARC Innovative Solarprodukte GmbH - First Class Solar Technology!

SOLARC develops, produces and distributes high-quality, high-technology, innovative low power photovoltaic devices. Our products and services range from simple solar power supplies to complete industrial products and additional services.


Beside our own standard products we also offer custom designed developments.

And this exactly is SOLARC’s excellence. SOLARC accompanies its customers along the whole process, from the initial prototype to the serial run or after-sales service. Our experienced specialists develop functional autarkic power-supply concepts combining the customer’s precise requirements with trend-setting product design and implementing, where applicable, the latest state-of-the-art solar-cell technology and components.


SOLARC posseses a climatic test chamber to simulate different environmental conditions such as heat / humidity test, climatic cycling test and long-term tests (aging tests) for items still in the development or already in the production. In addition, we carry out for our clients different types of tests and measurements using the climatic test chamber and thus obtaining important information about a product before its market launch. The trained staff from SOLARC will of course be fully at your disposal through out the tests sequences thus providing you with a professional guidance and feedback.


Furthermore, SOLARC has various measurement and testing methods that are necessary for a qualitative assessment of the solar modules. For this purpose, SOLARC posseses in addition to the solar simulators, photoluminescence and electroluminescence devices and diverse testing equipment. These devices and testers help to identify quickly underperformance or hidden defects such as microcracks or inactive cell areas and hotspots in the solar module. Thereby helping us to ensure our highly defined  quality standards.


Our aim is to improve the social awareness and acceptance of photovoltaic as a sustainable source of energy. With its high quality solar products, SOLARC wants to contribute to a healthy environment.


SOLARC was founded in August 1997 in Berlin. There is a close connection to local scientific institutes such as the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Materialen und Energie (formerly Hahn-Meitner-Institut), the Technical University of Berlin, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (University for Applied Sciences Berlin, formerly named FHTW) and the Fraunhofer Institut IZM.


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