Solar charge regulators and new developments

SOLARC develops and manufactures hi-tech, hi-efficiency innovative electronics and energy management systems, especially designed for low-power solar off-grid systems.

SOLARC develops and manufactures:

  • DC/DC converters
  • Solar charge controllers
    • featuring a MPP tracker
    • adjustable output parameters
    • very low stand-by consumption
    • optional with LED driver
  • Programmable lighting-control units
  • Open assembly or in a housing
  • New electronics development


We do offer customised solar charge controllers and complete development from prototype to final serial run








   DC/DC converters








Solar charge regulators

If you are interested in an individual and customised solution, we will be happy to advise you and be at your service.We can offer you a customized solution as a complete solution for your solar product. Right from the solar module, to the charge controller, to the storage system and even to the connector.


You can reach us directly through our contact form or through E-Mail:

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