GPS tracking systems

SOLARC has developed a highly intelligent system for locating mobile objects. The system uses GPS/GSM-UMTS technology thus ensuring a more accurate positioning. GPS Solar posseses a high capacity battery that can last up to over 3 years without external power supply at one locating-rate per day.
The high efficient solar panel with intelligent charging electronic, charges the battery of the GPS Solar very reliable in the Swedish winter as well as in the Italian summer  


Furthermore, the housing and the panel of the GPS Solar is hail- and waterproof -tested.
Following are some key advantages of GPS Solar:
  • Compact, slim, ultra-durable housing
  • Self sustaining power supply
  • Modular, expandable rail system
  • Locating for at least 5 years without maintanance
  • Continous tracking/Geofence
  • Optimised for outdoor installation
GPS Solar can be used for the following applicationfields:
  • Tracking of containers
  • GPS navigation for sprinkle irrigation
  • Tracking of swap trailers
  • Tracking of wagons
  • Tracking of wagons
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle tracking e.t.c.

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