ROMEG Measuring system

ROMEG is a simple and powerful measuring system with which the pitch angles and the tower vibrations of the wind turbine can be determined while the turbine is on operation.


The ROMEG sytem has been tested and approved by DEWI-OCC.

The ROMEG Method

The ROMEG method was developed by windcomp GmbH and is based on a reflectorless laser distance measurement on the WTG in operation.


The measuring principle of the laser distance sensors is an optical measuring procedure relying on the principle of "time of flight" measurement.


Two laser measurement distances are created for scanning the rotor blades at two points. Blade profiles and tower oscillations will be recorded in parallel.


In the subsequent data analysis we evaluate the behaviour of tower and rotor.


The results are immediately available on site after data recording and analysis.

Measurement parameter

ROMEG M 20 G is suited for measuring wind turbines up to a nacelle height of 200m from the ground without reflectors. 


The following parameters can be measured with ROMEG:

Scope of delivery

  • 2 pcs Laser sensors with inclination sensors and targeting devices
  • 2 pcs Adjustment and Alignment Units
  • 1 pc Tripod with gear tray
  • 1 pc Evaluation unit with power pack and cable set
  • 2 pcs Hard protective case, water-tight and floatable

Technical data*


Measuring laser:  Laser class1
Energy supply: Li-Ion/14.4 V / 6600 mAh / 95 Wh 
Operating time: 4 hours
Type of protection: IP64
Temperature range: -5 bis +30°C
Max. nacelle height**: up to 200m
Measuring distance**: up to 300m
Measuring angle: 10° to 45°
Total weight: ca.45 kg

*The measuring process is an optical process. Local light conditions may have a negative impact on measuring ranges.

** at 20°C, 1013,25 hPa, 5500 K, dry.

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