Electroluminescence tests

Solar cells and solar modules can show a row of non visible defects, which can reduce the power output and the long-term stability of the solar modules.

By using the powerful measurement systems from SOLARC, these defects can be visualized and realized, thus be fixed or corrected while still in production. The quality of the modules can significantly improve and the production cost can thereby be lowered.




A small current is directed through the output contacts of the solar module into a solar cell or solar module. Through this kind of stimulation, the solar cell or the solar module emits a weak non-visible radiation, which is by means of a sensitive camera documented. Using the software that is included in the scope of delivery, images can be stored, displayed, modified and printed.




The resolution of the electroluminescence pictures taken lie between 1.4 and 12.1 megapixels. The max. length and width of the modules is 75cm and 50cm respectively. This would mean a module with a max. power of 50W. Depending on the dimensions of the module the optimal camera system is used.

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