MacSolar - Global Irradiance Measuring Device

MacSolar enables primarily an uncomplicated measuring of actual irradiance values: the sensor, an autarkic power supply and the LCD display are integrated in a compact, robust, weatherproof handy device. The user can immediately obtain information about the solar irradiance conditions for a precise location. 

Furthermore, thanks to the integrated μ-processor controlled electronics and a temperature sensor, MacSolar can simulate typical characteristics of PV modules (current, voltage and output at MPP) enabling for instance the checking of exiting PV arrays. 


The irradiance values are measured using mono-Si solar cells, which also assume the device’s power supply.  Each device is calibrated by means of a solar simulator and a certified reference cell and the initial high accuracy is guaranteed by an internal automatic compensation mechanism.   

MacSolar E version without data logger

Einstrahlungsmessgerät - einfacher Version

Solar and sky radiation measuring device for the measurement of instantaneous values for luminous intensity from 0...1250W/m² and temperature from –40...+85°C. An additional peak value mode is implemented.

  • Max. error for light intensity measurement:    ± 3% (STC)
  • Max. error for temperature measurement:      < 3K
  • Display of measured data: LCD - Display
  • Power supply:self-sufficient through solar energy

MacSolar Full version

Einstrahlungsmessgerät - Vollversion

Solar and sky radiation measuring device with USB HID interface for measuring luminous intensity from 0...1500W/m² and temperature from –40...+85°C; it is suitable for permanent exterior use with the supplied brackets. The implemented software enables long-term measurements for up to 5 months and simulates the yield of a photovoltaic installation based on the values measured.

The DEMO kit MacView for MacSolar (including USB HID cable) allows a comfortable configuration of MacSolar from the PC.


The full version of MacView can optionally be purchased. MacView vollversion is the essential complement to MacSolar in order to be able to read-out and display the measured parameters and check existing PV arrays of forecast the expected yield for a future development.


  • Max. error for light intensity measurement:    ± 5 % (long-term measurement)
  • error of irradiation measureing (STC) :         ± 3%
  • Max. error for temperature measurement:     < 3K
  • Interface: special USB HID cable
  • data: LCD - Display
  • Power supply: self-sufficient through solar energy

MacSolar Sensor

MacSolar sensor

Solar and sky radiation sensor with low impedance analogue output, measuring range 0 - 1400 W/m², equivalent 0 – 7 V, supplied with brackets for permanent exterior use.

  • Maximum error: + 5%
  • Power supply: self-sufficient through solar energy

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